This category has nearly a dozen articles on various wilderness emergency topics. One of the core articles in this category is Wilderness Emergency Communication Devices. This article analyzes four communication devices most commonly carried into the wilderness: dual frequency personal locator beacons, the SPOT messenger, cell phones and satellite phones. Each analysis includes basic operation, the chain of emergency communication and a summary evaluation. Four shorter articles on emergency communications are also available in this section including why I have chosen a personal locator beacon as one my essential pieces of gear for wilderness travel.

Another core article in this Emergencies category is a Reference Guide to Wilderness Medicine. This article discusses medical treatments for 18 of the most probable medical needs of most wilderness travelers. You are encouraged to download this article, add treatments for topics not covered and then to print it for inclusion in your wilderness first aid kit.

Also included in this section is a description of emergencies experienced by three veterans of wilderness travel with nearly 150 years of experience between them. You will find these experiences interesting for themselves. More important is what we can learn from those highly experienced: Emergencies in the Wilderness—Learning from the Experiences of Others.


Articles on Dealing With Wilderness Emergencies