What is ethics? In short, ethical concerns differ from other concerns (e.g., economic, legal, scientific) by making explicit potential conflicts of values and interests. These conflicts are usually between fellow human beings, but they can also focus on animals, on plants, between humans and animals, between humans and the entire ecosystem.

The articles in the Ethics and Etiquette category make explicit potential conflicts of values and interests among hikers and backpackers. These articles deal with basic and more advanced conflicts. Examples of basic conflicts deal with: dogs on trails; safe fire building practices; leave-no-trace hiking. Examples of more advanced conflicts: ramifications of being a gear addict; informing hiking group of personal medical conditions; inequalities of pack weight. The centerpiece article in this category is Wilderness Ethics—Taking the Moral High Trail. This article examines three more advanced ethical principles and 26 more advanced ethical conflicts and issues (all related to hiking).

By design, the website articles on Ethics and Etiquette provide a wide range of beliefs and perspectives while encouraging readers to form or validate their own conclusions and beliefs.

Ethics and Etiquette Articles