Philosophical Inquiry Articles

While many articles on my website have philosophical elements, articles in the Philosophical Inquiry section deal head-on with highly philosophical questions related to wilderness travel. Best examples: Why go into the wilderness? How should I behave while there? What is my preferred hiking style? How much comfort do I need? How much technology? What is a wilderness experience? What would the hike of a lifetime look like?

The centerpiece article in this category is Why Go Into the Wilderness?—A Cacophony of Voices Merge Into a Grand Symphony. This article gives voice to over 50 reasons and motivations that hikers and backpackers provide for going into the wilderness.

Another core article in this category is Tarps, Tents or Bivy Sacks?—A Difference in Camping Philosophies and Priorities. Even though this article focuses on choosing the ideal wilderness shelter, it is essentially an exploration of differing camping philosophies.

A unique and relatively new article has been added to the site: Why Philosophize About Hiking and Backpacking? This article starts by addressing: What is involved in the philosophizing process as it is applied to this website (many examples of each process are given). It then gives a half-dozen reasons to philosophize about hiking.

By design, the articles in the Philosophical Inquiry category provide a wide range of philosophies and perspectives while encouraging readers to form or validate their own philosophies and beliefs. The author’s own philosophies are included in the process, but are not central to the development of the articles.