Two categories of articles on this website deal directly with outdoor gear: Gear Basics and Gear In-Depth. The major difference between them is one of length: Gear In-Depth articles are at least six pages in length (i.e., go into more depth than Gear Basics articles). These two categories are also related in another way: Gear Basic articles are often excerpted from the longer Gear In-Depth articles. Both categories frame the selected issues in the context of gear for backpacking in the wilderness.

There are no core articles anchoring this category; the articles cover a wide range of important gear issues. However, I would recommend two must-read articles: Taking Technology Into the Wilderness and Maximizing Comfort and Minimizing Discomfort in the Wilderness. These two articles, like most on this website, provide a wide range of beliefs and perspectives while encouraging readers to form or validate their own conclusions on the subjects at hand.

Gear In-Depth Articles