Below is a comprehensive list of distinct walking and hiking styles that I have identified to date. Most are self-explanatory. Which are your preferred styles?

Soft-soled or Minimalist shoe walking (e.g., with moccasins)
Barefoot Walking
Power walking
Race walking
Natural rhythm walking
Slow walking, sauntering, meandering
Long distance, fast walking
Trekking pole walking
Nordic walking
Cruising / Gliding
Walking meditations
Zen walking
Deep breathing walks
Group silence walks
Freestyle walking
Volksmarching (organized non-competitive walks)
Orienteering or geocaching (using map and compass or GPS)
Rogaining (non-competitive team sport)
Night walking
Off-trail walking
Treadmill walking
Walking with strap-on weightsSleep walking
Space walking (e.g. at International Space Station)

For paragraph length descriptions of the walking styles in the first half of this list, consider perusing the in-depth article: Diversity of Hiking and Walking Styles.

For an example of a unique walking and hiking style I have been experimenting with, click on Mindful Wandering.

Reader Participation: Acknowledging Personal Walking Styles

Review the above list of walking styles. Add any that I might have missed and then circle those that best fit your own personality and needs. Consider doing some research on those styles that you would be interested in learning more about and experimenting with.


Happy walking!


What Are Your Preferred Hiking and Walking Styles?