Because the availability, cost, weight and technology of personal locator beacons is rapidly changing,

I have created two new articles: Conclusions About Carrying Personal Locator Beacons into the Wilderness and Evaluating the SPOT II Messenger as an Emergency Communication Device.

The first article evaluates the pros and cons on this subject and takes the position that carrying a PLB is one of the (14?) essentials for wilderness travelers. The second article attempts an in-depth critical evaluation of a popular wilderness communication device. 

I recently purchased a high-tech wilderness emergency communication device to replace my five-year-old personal locator beacon. Because that technology is changing rapidly, I had to do a bunch of research. High Tech Wilderness Communication Devices: An Overview is the result.  

Due to its popularity I have completely revised the article on Sleeping Quilts for Backpacking. Check it out.

I have added a new article to the "Philosophical Inquiry" section exploring what it means to philosophize about hiking and why do this? This article provides a foundational understanding for this entire website. Check it out at: Why Philosophize About Hiking and Backpacking?

I have become enamored with trekking umbrellas. I now own and use three, of different constructions, weights and dimensions. I have created a new in-depth article on this subject. Check it out: Umbrellas as Standard Backpacking Gear.

After several email interactions with highly skilled wilderness travelers, I have extensively revised and reorganized my article on Fording Streams and Rivers Safely. Check it out.

I spent the summer months of 2013 planning and conditioning for a rigorous fall trip into the High Sierras. Because of this not much new has been added in the last few months. The Sierras trip was a success! I have used my experiences on this two-week wilderness backpacking trip to upload Pre- and Post-Trip Analysis—High Sierras Adventure. I have been experimenting with a radical new style of hiking and walking (at least radical to me). It is a form of walking meditation. Click on Mindful Wandering to read the details of my new style.

Additional articles are planned in the future. As new articles are published, their titles and a blurb about their content will be listed on this page. 

Trek well and trek often.  See you in the high country!

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